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AT1 Aluminium Alloy Touch Keypad Standalone Access Control Card Reader

Item No.: AT1
Model Number : AT1
The Touch Series Device is fashionable multi-function Access Controller with Touch Keypad,Card reader and bluetooth for optional, it is designed and manufactured to perform in a wide range of indoor, outdoor and harsh environments.(o
Bluetooth Module built-in, smartphone app to operate and access (500 common users+10 group of Anti-duress users)
Fashionable & paten design
Metal Case, Anti-vandal
One relay,keyboard programmer
Waterproof, conforms by IP67
1010 User (1000 common users + 10 group of Anti-duress users)
Card type :125Khz EM or HID card or 13.56MHz Mifare card
PIN length: 4-6 digits
Wiegand 26~37 bits input & output
Keys output : 4 bit, 8 bits or 10 digits virtual card number
Can be used as Wiegand reader with LED & buzzer output
Card block enrollment
Tri-color LED status display
Wide range voltage input: 12-18V AC/DC(EM version, EM&HID version)
                                          12-18V AC/DC(EM&HID&Mifare version)

Integrated alarm & buzzer output
Pulse mode, Toggle mode
User data can be transferred
2 devices can be interlocked for 2 doors
Built in LDR(light dependent resistor) for anti-tamper
Backlit keypad
Low temperature resistance (-40° C)
Input voltage:  DC 12-28V/AC 10-16V
Materials Aluminium alloy
IP Rating IP67
Anodizing treatmetnt thickness 20 μm
User Capacity: 1010 users(10 Group of Anti-duress users)
PIN Length 4-6 digis
Idle current:  ≤35mA
Relay One (NO,NC,COM)
Card Type:  EM&HID,Mifare
Frequency:  125KHz(EM,HID) or 13.56MHz(IC,CPU)
Alarm Output Load 3 Amp Maximum
Lock Output Load 3 Amp Maximum
Reading range: EM&HID:3-10 cm, Mifare: 2-5cm
Wiegand Input/Output format:  Wiegand 26-37 bit (Factory default: wiegand 26 bits)
Keypad output format:  visual card No; 4 bits or 8 bits of single key pressing
Dimension :  L133*W53*H18mm
Operating temperature range:  -40~60° C
Operating humidity:  0-98%(non-condensing).
Weight: 260g
Carton size 50cm*32.5cm*18cm
Weight 15kg
Quality 20pcs per carton