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MK2-EH-BT Bluetooth Mobile phone app Metal standalone access control keypad PIN code reader

Model Number: MK2-EH-BT
Product Name: zinc alloy standalone access control keypad
Weight: 0.44kg
Bluetooth module,Mobbile app to aperate and access
The data communication between APP and bluetooth module uses a high-security AES128 encryption algorithm, which can effectively prevent data from being maliciously stolen during bluetooth operation, thus greatly improving the security of the product.

Can add and delete user through the App
Can manager user data through the App
Can check access records through the App
Metal case, Anti-vandal
One relay, keyboard programmer
Waterproof,conforms to IP66
1010 users (1000 common users + 10 group of Anti-duress users)
Card type:
EM version:125KHz EM card
HID & EM version: 125KHz HID &EM cards
PIN Length: 4-6 digits
Wiegand 26-37 bits input&output
Keys output : 4 bit,8 bits or 10 digits virtual card number
Can be used as Wiegand reader with LED & buzzer output
Card block enrollment
Tri-color LED status display
Wide range Voltage: 12-28V AC/DC
Integrated alarm & buzzer output
Pulse mode, Toggle mode
User data can be transferred
2 devices can be interlocked for 2 doors
Built in LDR (light dependent resistor)for anti-tamper
Backlit keypad
Low temperature resistance

User Capacity: 1010 users (10 group of anti-duress users)
Operating Voltage: 12V-28V AC/DC
Idle Current :< 35mA
Card Type: 125KHz EM or 125KHZ HID&EM
Read Range: 3-10 cm
PIN length: 4-6 digits
Wiegand Input/output: 26-37 bits (factory default: wiegand 26)
Keys Output: 4 bits,8bits,10 digits virtual card number
Relay: one relay(NO/NC/COM)
Waterproof: conforms to IP66
Metal Casing: Zinc-Alloy
Operating Humidity: 0-98%RH
Dimensions 134*55*22mm (L*W*H)
Unit Weight: 360g
Shipping Weight: 440g