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WG1028 125 KHz ID/ 13.56 MHz IC USB Card Assign Reader

This device is optional for the access control system. It use for issue the card to system. The equipment can improve the speed of input registration card, more convenient operation. Of course, the equipment can also be used as other industries.
Communication mode: USB plug
Power supply: USB direct power supply (5VDC less than 100 mA)
Output format: Computer standard keyboard format wiegand26 standard 8-bit card number or wiegand34 standard 10-bit card number (dip switch selection, default wiegand26)
Input format: EM ID card, Mifare card (compatible)
Card reading distance: 1-6 cm (this parameter is the actual distance, the inductive distance is related to the type of card)
Dimensions: 106mm * 82mm * 25mm
Operating temperature: -20 to 60
Relative humidity: 0-95%
In the software interface need to input the card number, swipe the card, it will automatically fill in the card number for the customer, convenient and convenient, no additional driver.

Should stay away from metal objects as far as possible, metal radiofrequency shielding and absorption, will affect the induction distance. Radiation from computer monitors can also affect card reading distance.